It's 2020. Let's automate!

It's 2020. Let's automate!

By AutomatorB | Bitcoin farming | 11 May 2020

Are you already tired of all the Captcha typing and waiting in front of the timer ? It's not necessary anymore. Make Bitcoin while you sleep! With more than 500 scripts included, Faucet Collector is the best, state-of-the-art solution for saving your time and getting ready for the moon!

  • Value for money - one time payment 12.49USD
  • 1 Year of free updates, most sites will still work after that period
  • Works with free proxy servers
  • Private Captcha service from 0.6USD/1000 Captchas
  • Many faucets don't even have Captcha
  • Multiple instances support
  • 8GB ram and 2 CPU cores are enough to make 10USD/day

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I'm a blockchain enthusiast and i appreciate every satoshi earned, believing in a massive pump.

Bitcoin farming
Bitcoin farming

A new tool called will help you add some comfort to your crypto gathering process.

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