I have not been that active lately.

By francis105d2 | Bitcoin Cash BCH | 19 Oct 2021

I have not been writing articles like I do every day because many things have changed in my life, taking time and energy away from me. It is a lot of fun to write about cryptocurrencies, and to me, writing for and has been so far a pleasant experience overall; I do not argue against both websites, and as far as I know, they are a growing website, that will continue for more year to come.

The problem is me; I feel like I am running out of ideas to write. I don't know if it is because I do this as a hobby and not a job or if, genuinely, I am running out of ideas. My day-to-day job takes a lot of my energy away because my work is very taxing on my whole body. After all, manual labor is tiresome and painful. So far, I have run both activities in parallel without leaving the other unattended, but things are changing now, and I think I will have to write a little less from now on.

Not much has changed in my life, and it is just that I feel more tired now than before and out of energy to do those things that I love, so that will mean that I will probably only write a few times a week now instead of once every single day. I guess this is my heads up to my followers and readers, and I guess this is my way to say thank you to you, my way to thank you is by having you informed of what is going on and how I am feeling, and I am trying to convey that to you with this article.

I will try to utilize more noise cash because that website is meant for small posts and not large content posts and leave read cash for writing complex ideas that can't be explained in a single paragraph. I am not going to change my style of writing, just the frequency with which I write. I am also trying to implement some strict schedule rules to see if I can squeeze more time into writing.

You may not think that writing is hard, but in reality, it is because you must consider before you write, and you must put it in a manner that others can understand, and that takes brainpower. I am still trying to keep my goal of one article every day alive, but I don't know if my new scheduling rules will help me. In any case, now you see why I may not be writing so often.

Writing is an excellent hobby because, if nothing more, it makes you a better individual, especially if you get a lot of feedback from your readers, not to forget that to write, you must first do some research, which will make you smarter. And would also like to add that if you have any topic you would like to see more content about, request it, and I will write about it. If you have a topic title that you would like a second opinion on, please, by all means, let me know because nothing is more fun than writing your thoughts after some research and comparing results with other like-minded people. I guess this is my request for help to get more topics to write better content in the future.


Now, you know that I am running out of energy thanks to having a regular job that is taxing on my mind and body and that I am running out of ideas to write about it, so now is your chance to help by providing topics you may like to see content being created and even to see second opinions on issues that you already may have. Pretty much, it is a call from me to you to improve not only my experience but also yours.

This is my way of trying to reach out to others that may be willing to get involved.

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