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Bitcoin Cash: A Tool for Protecting Your Family's Finances in Times of Crisis"

It's funny how we tend to overlook the environment we live in, as we get caught up in our daily tasks that provide for us. We forget how important it is to sit down with our family and find out how they are doing.

We often realize this only when someone brings up a subject that we haven't thought about in a long time. Suddenly, we are reminded of how disconnected we are from reality. We become so focused on providing for our family that we forget the little things in life.

Time is a precious asset, unlike money; it cannot be recovered. As I write this today, I woke up feeling uninspired, all swamped with ideas in my head. But after looking around me, I realized that I'm missing important things in life.

My children are growing up so fast, and the socio-economic and political movements in my country are a disgrace. The rulers are so ambitious that they fail to see how their hypocrisy is causing the people to suffer.

Today, I noticed something important because I paid attention. Our Minister of Agriculture went to Rome to lie to the international community that people in our country can have three meals a day. This is absurd big lie when the vast majority cannot afford a dollar a day.

I also noticed that our society is on the verge of collapse in this municipal election year. The death of Azagaia, a renowned rapper and singer, has raised several questions, and people want to go out and protest against the rising prices of bread and public transport.

But these observations did not make me forget the initial one, which is the immediate perception that the time I spend looking for food to provide for my family is important, but the need to stay and spend time with them is unique. That time does not come back, and there is no way to recover it.

It is important to keep our feet on the ground and not get obsessed with food provision. We should take an interest in our family's well-being and follow the day-to-day events of civil society. Time doesn't stop, and the probability of regretting it in the future is greater.

We must also remember to protect our decentralized economy using Bitcoin Cash, as it is our money and can be used anywhere in the universe. In times of crisis, Bitcoin Cash can be our best option to fight a good fight and protect ourselves and our family when things get tough.

To conclude, we should not waste time in life and be happier with our family. Take an interest in their well-being and stay connected to civil society. Don't get obsessed with food provision, and always protect your decentralized economy using Bitcoin Cash. Remember, time is precious and cannot be recovered, so make the most of it.


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