Don´t Call It a Bloodbath

You See?

Do you see what happens when I stop buying the dip???

Yesterday afternoon I told the world that I was seeing the bottom of my buy the dip bag, that I have been buying the dip since November but that my once soo huge bag is as good as empty. 

Well, this is what happens when I have no more funds to buy the dip.... we dip deeper.

But on the other hand, it´s very nice to see people posting bloodbath pictures everywhere....but guys and dolls that´s my call. And I am not calling this a bloodbath...did you see me calling this a bloodbath?


No, N.O.!

And why am I not calling this a bloodbath...because BTC did not dip >10%.

This my friends is an opportunity, and maybe just the start of an opportunity.

Why the start of an opportunity you might ask?

Well, I have been calling for a 42K dip since November and that dip definitely took its time, but whoop here it is!


And now it´s here I do not want to sound like a bear...... but we are getting awfully close to that 40K support level and as you know...that is not even such a strong support level. 

Anyway, for now, let´s hope it was an unpleasant turn of events with the Fed pointing to a possible rate hike in March and Kazahstan fighting for freedom while their internet was down and so impacting BTC´s Hashrate with at least a 12% drop.


With the start of the new year and many big players wanting to enter the crypto game with lots of FIAT..... this might be the turning point for the market. On the other hand, if this dip was instigated by the illustrious compositeman..... we might dive below 40K within the next 10 days.


But well this is all short-term baby rambles, as long-term 2022 is soo much more likely to be another positive year for crypto as we have only just begun. Therefore I decided to reinvest 50% of the money I took out in November back into a buy the dip bag. It´s currently just sitting there at the bank collecting nothing but dust.

And if we dip, or should I say when we dip below 39K BTC I will also reinvest the other 50%. Because we all see what happens when I stop buying the dip.


Thanks for the read, don´t buy this dip but do hit the like button 👍  and have a lovely rest of your day.


Post Scriptum (Yes, that is what PS stands for 😁)


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