Why I'll Be Watching The Super Bowl This Year aka Crypto Bowl

Why I'll Be Watching The Super Bowl This Year


2022 super bowl is a week later than normal and will be aired on February 13th. It will feature the Rams vs the Bengals. For me the super bowl is the one game I watch but unless it's a good game I normally tend to cut it short. We all like some epic plays and a close match up to keep things exciting but some games can just really fall flat. Or there's some seriously delicious food around which is pretty much the highlight of the super bowl for me haha

Why am I looking forward to watching it this year?

Ad placement has come down a lot in the super bowl. One of the biggest highlights for many was to have a good funny and memorable commercial and each year they would be rated. That has fallen way short over the last few years.

It seems like this year however some new crypto start ups are kicking in some money and I'm hoping their creativity backs it up.

The super bowl is a great time to reach millions of people and get them involved with crypto and paint it in a positive picture. It needs to be done in a smart manner however.

Crypto Is Fueling Growth

As much as big mega tech and government tries to talk crap about crypto it's seriously the one thing that's holding the world together right now and that scares the F out of them GOOD!

A once horrible turnout for something like the super bowl which use to raise millions of dollars in ad revenue has been on a decline for years. Until now... Many companies are reporting a 20%+ in ad revenue and you know where it's coming from? Crypto and blockchain based companies.

That's not all though take a look at all aspects in our lives. Music and Art went from being crap and battling it out vs streaming platforms to wealth via NFTs. Finances and loans have also increased, interest rates etc all thanks to crypto and zero thanks to your government and banking system. I believe these things while they might not sound huge at the moment are actully the building blocks to a huge future for crypto in 5-10 years and how it will dominate the world we live in.


As much as I hate talking about awareness in the marketing world as I feel Awareness in general is just a bad marketing tactic now. It's different for small start ups in the crypto world. Awareness is actully what is needed to get people talking about it and asking the question well what is this?!

Transitional marketing for awareness is dead however awareness for crypto and blockchain based projects is the critical part in growth we need right now. Simple awareness starts to build crypto into every day conversations, get people asking questions, researching and ultimately investing into crypto.

What are you thoughts on running ads on the super bowl for crypto related projects?
Will Splinterlands be in there?

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