Microsoft To Launch ION on Bitcoin

Microsoft To Launch ION on Bitcoin

The big news today is Microsoft launching the first ever decentralized infrastructure on the bitcoin blockchain.

This is an open source project called Ion, it is the underground functions of what we use every day without really realizing it.

For example if you are on a website and you choose to login or signup using Facebook then there software communicates between the two sites to get you logged in. With Ion it uses keys to prove you are that person when you make this type of connection.

Ion however is currently using bitcoins testnet and is expect to not make the switch to bitcoins mainnet till later this year.

This move honestly does not do much in terms of bitcoin instead it is simply using the tech of Bitcoin to create such keys on an off branch called Ion.

However one important thing we can take away from this is that Microsoft is going decentralized which I applaud. While Facebook seems to be moving towards a centralized system. This will prove to be counter productive in the long run and might end up crashing these companies hell bent on trying to keep control of everything and simply be replaced by better decentralized systems instead.

Ion however if implemented into more systems will prove to be the new groundwork for how systems communicate with each other and pave the way for larger advancements. Think of it as the foundation of a skyscraper it does not seem to do much but it holds everything else together.

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