It's All About The News, Best Investment Research Site Ever ?
It's All About The News, Best Investment Research Site Ever ?

Today while doing some research I ran into this website -

I have said from the start that stocks trade mostly on news anymore and hardly on fundamentals but fundamentals do still play about a 40% part in the stock market.

However fro cryptocurrency I feel like news is often times 90% or more why we rally or why we fall.

This site takes all the recent news articles and lists them as neutral, bearish or bull.

At the moment for Bitcoin we are holding at neutral which makes sense since the markets really have not moved. We peaked at a little over $13,000 sold off into $9,000 and now have seemed to have settled between those two points with not much movement day to day.

However this site also takes into account other coins and other coins seems to be moving into the bullish category which makes sense and why we might be in for an "limited" altcoin season.

I say limited simply because I think the days of pumping every altcoin are gone and people are more selective on the projects they want to support since so many went belly up for where flat out scams. cough bitconnect

Overall I have to say I will be watching this site a little more closely to try and pick up on trends of news. If you look back at the history you can see a small but noticeable increase in positive news at the start or just before a rally takes place. It will be interesting to watch this more closely.

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