Is Altcoin Season Upon Us ?

Is Altcoin Season Upon Us ?

It is pretty crazy to say but Bitcoins price has honestly been slowing down. When you look at the numbers at the moment bitcoin is only up 2% while other major altcoins such as Ethereum (20%) Litecoin (14%) EOS (12%) Ethereum Classic (30%) Steem (11%) DigiByte(35%) and so on the list is rather large.

What this looks like is a repeat of we see almost yearly where Bitcoin surges and once maxed out the values start to push into altcoins pumping them to crazy high profits since their per coin values and market caps are so much lower compared to bitcoins value.

*Screenshot was taken from on 5/15/2019 11:25 EST

These pumps if history repeats itself go into high caps first such Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash etc and then trickle down into some of the smaller caps.

What will be really interesting is to see how many IEOs start to sprout up and what systems they will be using such as Ethereum tokens.

What do you think are we in for a month or two of Altcoin pumps and the season is here?
Or do you feel Bitcoin will continue to skyrocket ?

Personally my opinion and I very well could be wrong is that Altcoins will pump for the next month to month and a half. Then Fidelity and BAKKT will roll out and Bitcoin will pump majorly for perhaps the rest of the year.

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