Is 30k Year End The New Call ?

Is 30k Year End The New Call ?

A lot of stories lately coming out from people is that bitcoin will hit $30,000 per coin by the end of this year.

All of these new predictions have been wild lately. However the 30k one seems to be said by a number of people.

It made me think of 2017 when everyone was calling for 5k by years end and we smashed through it in October of 2017!

Then we rallied in just 2 more months to $19,000

It makes me think if they are predicting $30,000 rather stable across the board then what really could be possible ?

A smash through $30,000 September/ October and a rally to $50,000 maybe even $100,000 ?

I would like to think so however there is one major thing NOT happening in this rally compared to the one in 2017 and that is Bitcoin halving just before it.

In 2016 Bitcoin halved on July 9th and then rallied nearly a year later. It makes me wonder if halving has that long of a delay on rally ?

Does that mean we have two more years to see the massive rally ?

Bitcoin is set to halve again from 12.5 to 6.25 around May 22 of 2020 which means if history repeated itself July-August 2021 would be the massive new rally ?

In any case there are many reasons as to why bitcoin is increasing in value.

Government acceptance
FOMO from the last rally
Institutional Investors
Adoption (more people using it more apps and more transactions)

Overall the pressure looks up however there will be many smaller pumps and dumps along the way. If your a hodler you very well might be on good ground.

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