EOS - Voice Initial Thoughts

EOS - Voice Initial Thoughts

EOS has said for a long time it was going to launch a social network in which would revolutionize systems currently such as Steemit.

From what I remember and please correct me in the comments below if I am wrong, one of the major players in EOS helped launch Steemit and wanted to create a better version of it.

Tonight we finally got a glimps into what that social platform is going to look like.

Introducing... Voice

You can watch a replay of that video here - https://block.one/june1/

And join the beta for the site here - https://voice.com/

Overall from what I picked up from the video etc is this so far.

  1. VOICE is a token and it can not be bought/sold it can only be earned by currently...
    Logging into the site daily
    Voting on your own comments (Pushes them to the top if someone bids higher then you your voice gets refunded back to you and you earn a few more on top of it)
    Others voting on your content

  2. Currently in Beta - I expect this to go on for a few more months to iron out kinks now that it is in live beta

  3. It seems to not use EOS as all
    From what I can tell it does not use EOS at all, thus anyone that bought a ton of EOS hoping to get a head start on the social platform might be very disappointed. Again VOICE the token used on the platform can not be bought.

  4. Verification - A number of systems are in place to verify you are you so only one account can be created for you helping to reduce duplicate junk accounts etc.

After you watch the video or have some knowledge on Voice please
comment below with your own views and thoughts.

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