Building Wealth With Play2Earn

Building Wealth With Play2Earn


Traders and investors might laugh at it today but investing in play2earn games can be very lucrative and in reality these new play2earn type style games are more becoming investments. In fact many of the cases I show you below you don't even need to play the game to earn and that's the beauty of it. It's for everyone!

Play2Earn Games

There are many play2earn games currently out there but in this post I'm going to focus on Hive but in particular the largest game which is Splinterlands some of the other games are Dcrops , Rising Star

These games are quickly becoming massive beats in terms of revenue. The gaming industry is massive and with the lockdowns it quickly ballooned into one of the fastest growing areas. Couple that in with talks of the metaverse (which I still feel we are a good 5+ years away from) and you have the ground floor to massive possibilities to get in. Splinterlands was one of those and I believe still IS one of those such games that will continue to bloom this year as many new features are added.

The Low Points

Personally as an investor myself I look forward to those weird drastic sell offs. To me it shows me the ability to get more assets for far cheaper than I would have otherwise if the market continued to head up. It also in my opinion lowers the risk and offers me a better chance to make larger profits. Of course this depends on the crypto asset but that goes for stocks as well. You need to research and figure out what stock could be worth your investment.

Right now we are in that low point for splinterlands. Vouchers have become pretty pointless, SPS itself has very little use case and DEC has very little use case as everything has been converted to dump into credits first to buy the new packs. Not only that but the markets have taken one of the worst hits since a year ago almost resetting all gains from the pervious year.

What does that smell like?


The Assets Of SplinterLands

If you didn't want to play SplinterLands you could still earn from the game in a number of ways as an investors.


  1. Buying cards or packs for opening and renting out your cards for DEC
  2. Buying packs and hodling them till they are sold out and maybe selling them for a profit
  3. Buying SPS and staking it in game. This at the moment earns you SPS from staking rewards and airdropped vouchers

If you wanted to play the game you could earn from

  1. Quest battles daily
  2. Winning matches for DEC and other assets

Combining the two for ultimate wealth

  1. taking your SPS/DEC/SPT and other assets earned from playing and interacting with the game and providing liquidity to pools to earn other rewards.

That's just the start of it. When land gets released I believe this is going to open the floodgates to passive income from your assets. Every land is going to produce something be it wood, stone, spells, items and each is going to be used. I honestly expect to see nearly every battle using items and spells and from the sounds of it you'll be using them on each turn. You then have production costs and resources for maintenance on all buildings on lands.

From the sounds of it though this first land usage will be the first of what is 5 more to come. This to be means it's stacking season big time so you'll have the assets to grab up more lands as they are released most likely 2023. Yep, I plan that far ahead for possibilities.

*This article is for entertainment purposes only and is not financial advise. Do your own research before investing and take responsibility for your own actions.

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