Bill Pulte Shows Us Just How Far Crypto Still Has To Go

Bill Pulte Shows Us Just How Far Crypto Still Has To Go

Bill Pulte the Twitter Philantropy guru himself has bought 11 bitcoin. But the comments that came after clearly paint a picture about how many people are still clueless about bitcoin.

Things such as countless people telling him he spelled HOLD wrong lol to asking if its sat or sats.

Over 2 million people are currently active on his twitter however this was of great help from Mr. Beast himself when he ran a twitter giveaway with him. This boosted his following from 700k to the 2 million we now see today.

That also means most of his crowd just become the younger generation that should be savvy on bitcoin. But are they ? The comments clearly show that is not the case and how little hype there is currently for bitcoin and crypto.

That could go one of two ways however.

The decrease in Hype and knowledge lately about cryptocurrent could make for a good investment time long term before it really starts to catch on.

To me crypto is just one of a few things that have the potential of becoming huge. But that moment for all of them is about 10 years down the road in my opinion.

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