Blockchain Payments Solution Amon Gain Interest from Major Financial Institutions

Blockchain Payments Solution Amon Gain Interest from Major Financial Institutions

Amon are a crypto wallet and card fintech solution similar to the likes of Monaco and TenX, albeit minus the card at time of posting. However that seemingly hasn't prevented the Amon project from peeking the interest of major financial institutions, such as MKB Bank, and NatWest.  Both of which are sizeable players within the global banking industry.

Earlier in the year the Amon team announced that following a fairly intense selection process, that they had been invited to participate in the renowned Hungarian MKB Banks' yearly 3 month long accelerator program.  During which the Amon team also announced that they had also been selected to particpate in another accelerator operated by the equally noteworthy UK bank, NatWest.  An oportunity they had to decline, due to being already inolved with MKB bank.  But receiving attention from TWO major financial institutions certainly speaks to the strengths and potential scope of the Amon platform.  Especially with it being announced earlier today that in addition to mentoring, and resources, MKB bank will also be injecting funds to help secure and expand the projects future.  Hopefully paving the way for card issuance in the near future too.  Something the majority of crypto projects in their niche have been struggling with thus far.

You can read more about that HERE.


In terms of financials the Amon token is currently 99% down from ICO, with a marketcap of circa $220K at time of posting.  A figure that is dwarfed by some of the better known players within the space.  With Monaco / having a marketcap of over 100 million.  And even the somewhat troubled in recent-times TenX still maintaining a marketcap of over 28 million dollars.  Which leaves Amon with, potentially, plenty of room to grow.

Currently the tokenomics are a little on the weak-side, with there being no mention of fee-sharing for token-holders, or anything of that nature.  But there is word that the Amon token will play a major part in a reportedly soon-incoming lending function that will be included within the wallet.  For starters.  And the team are actively engaged with their community over at Telegram - which is always a good sign.  And for the most, the community themselves appear to be content with progress, and hopeful for the future of the project.

As always, this post should not be considered to be financial or investment advice - but if you're a fellow crypto fiend looking for new and upcoming blockchain projects to explore, you might want to consider checking out their website, and/or giving their app a test-run, via their website: HERE.  

Or alternatively come join the Telegram community HERE - where no doubt you'll find plenty of answers to any questions you might have.

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