Cro vs Hi visa Debit vs Hi dollar Mastercard

By Box | BitBox | 14 Oct 2022

Its safe to say's visa debit card has been the big player in the crypto debit card market but's hi dollar card is looking to take the top spot. In this article we will compare both companies cards and all their options!

Now there's quite a few options for both but we've paired them up here in order in this handy table. Read on for more details though as there is quite a bit extra to each card!




Now these cards have some very different perks and not all of the hi ones are finalised yet but let's compare what we can. 

The cards offer set subscriptions. Ruby gets you a 100% rebate on Spotify for 6 months. Indigo adds Netflix to this. Icy white and obsidian add amazon prime to this list and allow you to keep the rebates permanently rather than just the first 6 months of your stake. All rebates are paid in CRO instantly. 

Hi on the other hand have over 100 different subscriptions you can choose from and the higher the card the more you can choose. The list includes things like Spotify, Disney+, YouTube music but also includes shops like Tesco, Aldi and Lidl. Obviously these stores don't have After speaking to the community managers they've confirmed that there will be a set amount per month that you can spend at each store that will be fully rebated. It's expected to be around the $10 a month mark per subscription. All rebates are to be paid in Hi Dollars instantly. 

Other perks cards have lounge key access which is honestly a great perk for those who fly regularly. For the higher cards you also receive an additional 2% APR on your earn lockups of 1 or 3 months paid out in CRO. have yet to fully disclose the specifics of their travel perks but currently states, Best rate guaranteed on hotels, Room upgrades, free Breakfast, Late checkout and 100 USD Hotel Credit. More clarity on these should come in the next few weeks. 

Card aesthetics

The cards are guaranteed to be noticed whenever you use them which is a good feeling and can be a conversation starter. Hi cards look to be taking this one step further, if you grab the gold card or above there's a limited window where you can have an avatar nft you own printed on your card if you are in the top 10000 stakers. At the moment anyone getting gold or above will be in the top 10000 without fail but this may change in the coming weeks as more people keep staking. 

So which cards worth it? 

The Hi card is the clear winner. Realistically the icy white card is the entry level card now for where you get a decent amount of cashback and your perks last longer than 6months. At the cost of $40k worth of cro though its not cheap! 

For $350 you can get Hi's silver card which is easily comparable to crypto.coms icy card. And for $3500 your can get their gold card which currently looks to beat crypto.coms obsidian. 

Now this may look like a no brainer but remember high rewards come with hi risks. The Hi card isn't actually out yet and already their support is severly lacking taking close to a week to get any kind of response as currently all queieres are sent to the same mailbox. For those who were around the early days of we saw how their poor support severely dampened their trust and unfortunately Hi is currently a lot worse. Hopefully this improves with time but it's definitely something to be wary of. is currently invite only but if you'd like to Sign up you can use my Invite code at

If you'd like a Crypto.Com card you can get a $25 welcome bonus when you sign up using my code kk2mmv6xub

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