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1. When and why did you become interested in cryptocurrencies?

First time I heard about bitcoin it was on 2011. I was reading some news on my laptop.
Wikileaks was accepting bitcoin and not cash or credit card/paypal. 
I made a quick search on eBay and I realize this wasn’t really easy/profitable mine bitcoin and I decide to left everything out.

After that on October 2013. II was so curious because… I asking to myself the top question.
What is bitcoin?
How it’s possible that some one was accepting “internet money” likewise any other form of payment?

I decide to read more about and I find satoshi white paper (note during these years I was working in University as Researcher so I was very aware about publication etc etc…)

After finishing my read I was … literally shocked!
Check my other topic in Italian section where I describe my “reaction” Wink 
After that day I decide to learn more and more about bitcoin and the culture behind. 
I think it was a good choice Wink despite I have no economic or computational background bitcoin has opened a gate of knowledge.

2. When and why did you buy your first bitcoin?

I get my firsts bitcoin cents in Oct. 2013 after reading white paper . 
I buy it just because it was something that was growing, and I am bullish since the first day that I learn about it. (“Why everybody are not talking about it?” This was my first idea about bitcoin).

3. How did you get on the forum?
Sincerely I didn’t remember . I guess that some of my friend from another forum suggest me to join since here there were some interesting discussion.

4.1. What prevents mass adoption of cryptocurrencies?
There are several factors. First of all bitcoin isn’t simple. because by nature it’s something TOTALLY NEW.

I think that a number of paradigma have been introduced.  As if to say, the blockchain is immutable. Or there are more bitcoin addresses than grains of sand etc etc etc.  Like has been invented something totally innovative like "the wheel" or the internet.

Another factor that slows down this adoption is the way it is treated in the mass media. Equivalent to scammers' money or something that allows you to easily lose your money. It is almost discounted that nobody wants to invest in such a speculative product (see monstrous swings for classic markets) and that it is used by nerds / drug sellers ... and what's more, it's complicated!
What I noticed in the past is that there were very few resources in Italian (my mother tongue) so it never surprised me that non-native speakers in English didn't use bitcoin.

4.2. How do you think mass advertising of gambling projects has a positive effect on the development of the forum or harms the community?
I prefer to specify it for those who do not know me ... I am a sport gambler.
Probably an "atypical" bettor (it also happens that I didn't play a single bet for YEARS) and fortunately I have never had the habit of gambling (trying to play as much as possible rationally). I believe that it has a positive effect because the gambling industry linked to bitcoin has created a new kind of market.
In the past, projects like “” or "" have been something unique and innovative that have truly revolutionized the gambling sector.
In addition, I believe that the blockchain can guarantee a concept of fairness that so far could not literally exist without.
Unfortunately, I am aware of how many people lose a LOT of money while betting. But they are users who would have continued to bet in the real world in any case. It doesn't matter whether they use bitcoin or not, the problem isn't directly related to bitcoin.

4.3. How do you consider whether 2-3 years of experience in cryptocurrency is enough to successfully invest or does an investor need to receive special education?
This is a sore point. Because in these 7 years of following the industry and attending forums and various meetups I have seen people invest intelligently after a few days of reading about these topics. Others, on the other hand, reasoning in a "classic" way have made bad choices. Generally I think we need to understand WELL what we are talking about. Not only from a technical point of view but also from a sociological point of view. I always advise against investing in altcoins except for a few cases (which can be counted on the fingers of one hand). Most of my wallet is made up of bitcoins. Over the years I have received crypto between airdrop bounty and gift collaborations (even some “speculative” investments) but I would never have approve the choice of a novice user to bet “HARD” on bitcoins.

5. What do you think of the current Merit system and signature campaigns?  Do they harm the forum?
The Merit system has reduced abuse and limited spammers. I am a strong supporter of the sign. campaigns.
Think about it for a moment ... why should we waste time writing the same things over and over again, or maybe providing time-consuming insight? It is right that there is an incentive (even if minimal) and a kind of gratification. Too bad there are one of spammers as we have seen in the past (from copy pastes, to OTs etc etc). Our only defense is to report and place negative trusts on these users to make sure the plague is minimized.

6. The most useful forum topic? Most helpful users?
There are a lot of useful forum topic. I think that shorena's post below it is one of the best starting point.
How to sign a message

7. 3 things you would implement on the forum?
I think we can make the difference. Likewise some charitable promotion.

8. Do you trade on exchanges or invest in projects?
Unfortunately I have not much time so I can just follow forum and few coins/project.

9. Tell a story about your big profit or big loss?
I Didn’t remember any big profit that has really made a difference. 
I have won some prizes with bitcoin betting, I consider this a good profit.
About “big loss”, I have payed in the past a taxi ride up to 5K euro (nowadays value).

I have spent a lot in tx fees but I am very happy about that because I given my support to the protocol

10. What do you think about the DEFI ecosystem?

This is another kind of innovation. I like the idea behind. But I think greedy people are searching just another speculation (or worst another way to scam people.

11. Is your anonymity a vital necessity or precaution?
We are living in a world were you can be killed for a bunch of euro. I mean some users of the community know me in person (just check my trust). But if not required I will never say in real life “Hi this is bitbollo” Grin

12. The last cryptocurrency book you read?
Mastering bitcoin. However I don’t read so many books, I spend most of my bitcoin-time reading forum, technical analysis, white paper, bitcoin news.

13. Advise 3 cryptocurrencies/tokens for investment in the next 1-2 years?
I am always bullish on bitcoin.

14. How much will Bitcoin cost at the end of 2020?
It’s very hard to predict. It’s a fast pace environment, price are changing daily! Roll Eyes
 Plus I don’t like people that give their value like guessing or playing a game.

But I have an insight... 1 btc = 1 btc even by the end of the year Wink

15. P.S. (Optional)
Apologize me for posting this interview only today. I have already prepared some weeks ago but never finalized.

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