DOGE Community Unite!!!!

By Bit Dawg | Bit Dawg | 1 Jun 2021

How do we take down the hedge funds and arrogant traditional bank lackeys?  Assemble the People's Coin into a community.  The youthful and hopeful investors have my heart.  It renews my faith in America.  Are we going to let these banks that have fleeced us for years continue to do so?  Heck no!  Are we going to let the central government, with their "Too Big to Fail" bank lackeys continue to devalue our hard earned currency, the dollar?  Heck no!  Lets create an alternate economy.  One where the youthful Americans "throw the tea into the harbor" by only accepting DOGE.  The young entrepreneurial Americans, who want to see Doge succeed, must DEMAND that Doge is accepted by Amazon OR stop buying on Amazon.  They must DEMAND that all new Apple IPhones have a built in Doge wallet, or stop buying IPhones.  They must DEMAND that retailers accept Doge.  They must create new businesses that take Doge.  They must DEMAND that Jack Dorsey creates a crypto payment system for retailers and connect it to easy to use wallets for payment.  They must work with the DOGE developers to make this happen.  The DOGE community is HUGE.  Don't get defeated by traditional banks or hedge funds that bankrupted our parents in 2008!  Defeat them.  BUY DOGE!   DEMAND DOGE IS IMPLEMENTED INTO THE ECONOMY.  DEMAND TESLA TAKES IT.  DEMAND FORD TAKES IT.  GET AGGRESSIVE!  CRUSH THE SHORT HEDGE FUNDS!  WALL STREET BETS STYLE!!!! REDITTORS UNITE!!!!  

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Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

I love to read and write about Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency and its potential uses fascinates me. I have used the Gemini app, the BRD wallet, and the SPEDN app to familiarize myself with Bitcoin. I want to share my knowledge in an easy to understand way

Bit Dawg
Bit Dawg

I write about Bitcoin and Dogecoin in simple, digestible words.

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