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By parismexi | BigoMex Trading | 23 Nov 2021

Ⅰ What is the meaning of Bitcoin options


The so-called option is to predict the future ups and downs.

It is not difficult to understand, but it has obvious advantages over futures contracts. For example, the price of Bitcoin futures contracts fluctuates greatly. If you don't control it well, your position will be liquidated every minute, and you will need a margin and handling fees. The options in the circle basically choose to go to the OKEx exchange, you can understand. Thank you for accepting and approving my answer


Ⅱ How to play Bitcoin options and what platform are you on


Bitcoin options are mainly played in small and big ways, mainly when the market fluctuates, for example:

For example, the current price of Bitcoin is 8500 US dollars. You think there is a high probability that Bitcoin will fall in the next hour, so you open an option with a 1-hour period and spend 4 USDT. Sure enough, as you might expect, Bitcoin plummeted by US$500 in the next hour, and the system will automatically settle after the one-hour expiration. You will get a return of US$500, which is more than a hundred times the principal. Conversely, if Bitcoin rises within 1 hour, you only lose 4 USDT principal. This means that the risk is limited and the return is unlimited.

At present, I am playing on Bigomex, which is a better platform for the current trading mechanism, and it is relatively mature and safe.


Ⅲ What is the difference between Bitcoin options and Bitcoin futures


In the transaction of an option contract, the buyer only needs to pay the equity and not the deposit, while the seller requires the deposit.


Ⅳ What is the difference between Bitcoin contracts and options


Bitcoin contracts are futures, and futures and options are essentially Bitcoin derivatives, and they are also hedging tools for the spot! But in general, options are better than futures, and we can compare them based on several points.

First of all, if the current price of Bitcoin is 8,000 USD, when Bitcoin rises from 8,000 to 8,500 USD.

  1. In stock, get 500 dollars
  2. Bitoffer option, get 500 dollars


  1. How to get 500 dollars for futures?


To use an analogy, only use 500 US dollars in principal, open 20 times leverage, and increase by 5%, to get 500 US dollars.

When the benefits of the three are the same, we find that the advantages of options are the most obvious.

Spot, need to invest 9000 dollars

Futures, need to invest $500

Option, need to invest 5 dollars


Ⅵ Which is better for Bitcoin options exchange?


Most of them need to be exercised, indicating that the cost will be particularly high. At present, only BIGOMEX does not need to exercise, which means that it is possible to buy an option with a minimum of $5. In fact, you can trade an option with a minimum of 2USDT


Ⅶ Where can I trade binary options of virtual currency


I can think of two well-known virtual currency platforms-Deribit and Bigomex. Deribit provides longer time frame trading contracts, and on bigomex, you will find binary options options with a very short time period. There are also relatively low margin options. The minimum margin is only 2USDT, and the loss rate is also very high, with a loss rate of 80%, while on other trading platforms, the loss rate is only 75% or even 70%. There are many trading pairs you can choose from, and on Deribit, you only have Bitcoin and Ethereum as trading options.


Currently, the Bigomex trading platform has activities for newly registered users. The highest bonus is 200USDT, related activities link

 If necessary, please contact online customer service or join the official telegram group: contact the administrator.


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