Easy money with new banking - crypto platform

By Bichoco | BiChoco | 18 Jun 2020


A new platform for crypto-currencies, has just released a new exchange. To celebrate this, there are special offers as 0% trading fee for the first 90 days for new users, 2% bonus deposit interest rate.

The fees are reduced and above all there is a 50$ sponsorship offer for both the sponsor and the godchild. So, I share a part of my referral bonus.

I tested and I got the 50 bucks right. The condition is to order a card and block for 6 months ~50MCO, after that, you are free to get your money back.

I know it can be a bit scary like that, but I invite you to look at the reviews on the internet. 

Cashback paid in MCO is really a great deal and appreciable.

If you want to be sponsored, here's the link
Let me a comment for your extra 25$ ;)

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