Mask Shortage? It's an Illusion.
Mask Shortage? It's an Illusion.

By bettercallpaul | Better Call Paul | 26 Mar 2020

A Quick Update on Shipment of Supplies

COVID-19 Supplies Delivered On-Time

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[Jacksonville, FL  03/26/2020] 

People have spend the last 2-3 weeks panic buying every last roll of toilet paper they could find.  Then went the gloves and the masks, the pain relievers and immune system vitamins, the food -- where did it all go?  

What happened in the supply chain if large stores like Walmart cannot keep their shelves stocked but a mid-30's individual can get supplies delivered to his doorstep without a day's delay?  

Is something bigger going on here? 

So, I went to check the mail today at about 12:00 noon EST and noted there was a package in there.  I have ordered a supply of N95 masks and N95 filter pads, but I thought outside of the box like so many others have and decided to buy a mask meant for motorcycle riding.  With a metal screen valve cover and a spot to insert N95 pads, I have no idea why others have not been advised to do the same thing.  

Here is a photo of me in my mask: 


So, it's a bit outside of the box, like I said...but I'd much rather go over the top and be safe rather than do nothing and be terribly sorry for it.  

This mask arrived from California in 3 days -- normal delivery time for a normal padded envelope.  There were no special shipping options, and I obtained 2 of these for under $15.  

Since this the crash, followed by OPEC threats, followed by Fed interest rate cuts, followed by COVID-19, followed by $2 trillion, etc... I have tried to be a voice of reason.  We should not allow a virus to destroy the vestiges of society like we have done.  

Institutions that have been there for hundreds of years are shuttering their doors.  Retail stores will face a similar reckoning, especially when it become clear that online retailers like Amazon carried the weight of consumer demand at a time that face-to-face retail imploded.  The winner will clearly be Amazon, and after this is over, I foresee a strange governing situation where Amazon become a quasi-governmental agency, like the USPS is now.

All the while, Drones will deliver your groceries, medicines, household items, clothing, any anything else you want or need. 

Anyway, yeah...if you'd wondered where you can get a mask similar to the one above: 

These are still in stock: 



Also, as millions of us journey into the telecommuting lifestyle for the first time, many will be thrilled to learn that they can work from their pajamas.


This is the set I use, and they are comfortable as can be.  I spent long hours typing stories or legal pleadings wearing my go-to pajamas.  Working in your pajamas is literally one of the coolest and most unique benefits to working from home. 

So join the smart telecommuters today

Comfortable Plaid Pajama Set, Multiple Colors (Click Here to Buy)


The plain text link to buy these pajamas is here:

Or you can browse around once you click the link and buy anything your heart desires.  There are no shortages, only supply chain disruption. 

Surgical Masks, 100 Count


So, for now it seems as though as long as we stay smart and informed, and understand that we are not running out of supplies, the problem is getting the massive amounts needed to be delivered in a very short amount of time.  Online, personal stock orders are easily filled and are in stock now. 


Don't let empty Walmart aisles fool you.  We can get through this, and we will! 


Winner of the Publish0x 100K writing contest, I am a seasoned freelance creative writer with over a decade of writing and journalism experience. I love to write, cook, and learn new things. I look forward to contributing relevant content.

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