Odds to Fight EL Boredom…

By Betman | Betting | 25 Feb 2021

How quickly that boring Europa League days come… It looks like they are performing in their dull football theater every day. Does anybody care for Europa League any more?

When did you last see a surprise in Europa League? Last week? Where was that? Betman is always short in betting at their shabby competition, reserved for the CL losers and wannabe giants of a big mafia football. This reserve competition should be constructed with some interesting twist. CL always had something more, that made you come at their football games… And even before they have transformed into a rich mafia competition, they could offer a real bloody spectacle like in the times of ancient Belgium… Rome, that is. Who would want to watch flabby Europa League games today? A 22 people in underwear running for only one ball? Don’t they have their own?


But what can we do Nap? Bringing back lions and gladiators at the stadiums? Change the EL rules with more ‘Hunger games’ elements? The Europe story is over anyway, and we only can make another set of odds, pretending its competition is as alive as BetScorum:




What can you lose? A few SCRs under $0.007? It’s the cheapest fun in town. And it can make those boring EL games a mildly interesting. Especially if you are programmed to support some of the mafia money laundering machines.

Odds are at your free will. Do you have one?



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