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Europa League NBB Odds

By Betman | Betting | 18 Feb 2021

OK, Betman understands his odds are not the best in the World, but they are best at BetScorum because – there are no others!

And it is reasonable to think people are looking for better odds somewhere else. Anywhere else…




Yes, but where else can you win and get such a good cryptocurrency as SCR? It’s a rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer. If you think Betman is joking, you have to know: Betman didn’t make a joke since Joan of Arc threw a barbecue party. And if you still think Betman is joking, just go read new article of Scorum’s @pete, entitled ‘The Importance of Limited Supply’. And the you rush to buy more SCR before if goes over one cent!
Then you can go and earn more betting against Betman over those boring Europa League games:





Or you can set your own odds and hope someone will bite… What else can you do? There is no other economy whatsoever…

And look where Bitcoin is now!


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