A Quick Reminder and NBB Odds for Sept. 7th

By Betman | Betting | 7 Sep 2020

It’s hard to imagine, but the almost died down activity at Scorum and BetScorum is starting to — die down!

Well, Betman has another desperate appeal to the remnants of the BetScorum community. I know it is hard to write serious tips for a Scorum Loyalty Program for betting bloggers for July – in September – and still believe someone cares for this platform…


I know it’s hard to attempt to make a decent profitable tip and turn out funny like Betman every month…
I know the other platforms lure you with their mermaid calls…
Oh, that’s a long story, dear mermaid, Betman is going to tell you everything as soon as we get a little closer… little more closer… BTW, does your call include a phone number? I’ve got only a few sentences to finish, and then…


I know the few of you left here have gone white waiting for the SCR to rise above a cent


Oh, Wait!

Betman has to say something to this point: You can’t just sit and wait. You have to participate if you wish to keep SCR at the level of a mighty Dogecoin – for example. How will you do it? Try to beat Betman’s Odds!



Otherwise, Betman will have to answer the call!


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