Notice to the whole crypto family!

By Life12 | BestofFree | 29 Mar 2021

Notice to the whole crypto family!

Today, I appeal to your generosity to help me come to the aid of a close friend, a young student in France who may find himself homeless in a few weeks.

Having lost, due to COVID 19, the job that allowed him to pay for his housing and his small daily expenses, he now has no savings and risks eviction by the end of April, if he cannot repay his debts.

I'm not forcing anything on you. Take part in the online prize pool, only if you can afford it. A big contribution would be fantastic, but a small one just as respected and appreciated. If you can't, then just sharing this pot, or this publish0x article, can make a difference.

In these difficult times, I know that many situations are complicated, but I also know that all of you, around the globe, know how to show infinite generosity, and I know how exceptional the crypto family is.

So, friends, thank you for reading me, thank you for sharing, thank you for participating and thank you even more, for being there, for existing, because when I speak of family, it is because you are also my own therapy, my joys, my friends.

I love you !

The link to the online prize pool:

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