Healthcare in a crypto blog- is she lost
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Healthcare in a crypto blog- is she lost

By PABarb | Best of Health-Ask The PA | 27 May 2020

As a healthcare practitioner and cancer patient I think block chain and crypto are going to be a huge part of healthcare delivery!  
So why chat here?  There is huge relevance to how health care will be practiced. Fees exchanged and having a ledger that’s can’t be manipulated will lead to  less fraud, less costs and patients will have more control.  Just imagine transparency in costs, premiums, to survive  insurances will need to to be more competitive.  With this EMRs will be accurate and less time will be wasted  updating and correcting inaccuracies. I truly believe with that being said, in the same time,  personal experiences with providers can be preserved!  I am a believer that blockchain and the use of crypto’s will be the biggest game changer in medicine since the advent of insurance and HIPPA.  Time will tell.  Just sayin 

Would love to hear your thoughts. 

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I am a PA by day. Author, advocate and investor. Super interested in learning about Block Chain and Crypto

Best of Health-Ask The PA
Best of Health-Ask The PA

Some tips and anecdotes about obtaining better health through my experiences as a 4th generation Family practice provider, advocate, cancer patient and care giver! Lots of stories that may save lives and save money along the way! Straight talk with Barb

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