BIG News: TRON Launched 'JustSwap' today!

My Experience So Far...

I have already made 10 or so swaps and made some nice profits. Connect your Tronwallet (chrome extension) to the JustSwap Dex to buy and sell TRX and its Tron based tokens:

Super fast and super cheap! Game changer!

Justin SUN CEO of Tron > Official JustSwap Launch Announcement!


JustSwap Interface and Website URL


BIG Liquidity and Trading Volumes on Day 1!




Why Use JustSwap>>>

  • Arbitrage between Dex (now super cheap and fast!) - quick profits!
  • Normal buy and Sell Tron and its Tron based tokens. But you always keep your coins (unlike centralised exchanges)!
  • Provide liquidity for a small return.

Caution When Using JustSwap

  • Check contract address of token first. As some coins are fake like a tron Hex coin. Hex is not on tron just ethereum.
  • May pay to do a simple transaction first like one trx.





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