3 Crypto Scams to Avoid! Be safe with your crypto!!!

3 Crypto Scams to Avoid! Be safe with your crypto!!!


1. Youtube Give ETH Get More ETH Scams

Somehow programmers are able to setup youtube channels showing lots of subscribers and views even though its like up for only a few days. They show legit videos showing Ethereum Vitalik, CEOs etc to make it look legit. What's worse is they even use google and youtube ads to promote it and get away with it.

But they then say the company is doing a special $1m dollar giveaway or something similar. They ask you to send like 0.1 ETH to get 1 ETH back! Anything that asks you for crypto is a scam!


2. Verified Smart Contract Scams Offering BIG Daily Returns Scams.

Scams that offer you daily returns like 10%, 25% or 100% per day are scams. What happens is even if the smart contract is verified on an explorer, it is a scam! 

The contract owner gets fees up front say 5% of all the crypto deposited. So doesn't need to have a back door to it. They get referrals set up paying 25% too. So only these two groups get paid. About 90% of the people that put crypto into them lose most of what they put in.  Horrible. It's worse for the last people in too!

TronRoyal just sucked in over 30,000 people yesterday with the power of 25% daily returns and an army of selfish referrers earning big commissions. https://tronroyal.com/. The contract took in $1m in TRX and lasted only 4 days!!! And now they are so bold they are running a second contract to capture new "victims". So far 2,295 of them! These Crooks also have a active Telegram group and are operating this one now...


3. Staking Site Scams.

Many staking sites are fake. They offer great returns (like 20% or more) but take ALL of your crypto. They will often show they are a registered company in places like in Australia. It's true but the company is just a shell for a scam! These guys are professionals and repeat it with new websites. And advertise everywhere. There are tonnes of them! So beware! They will also comment on review sites to look real. MegaPawnShop (2019 scam) is one that is doing this and is likely renames to something else.


Final thoughts

Well if these insights save you crypto I will be glad! Let's look out for each other in cryptoland! Avoid google ads for these sites and tell your friends too!




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