Win Crytos in your mobile phone with Telegram!

Hey guys! Today I want to present another way to win different kind of cryptocurrencies. This is a way that will give you rewards if you are daily active. Before I start, I have posted other web pages that I work daily and allow me to win every day more and more cryptocurrencies. I leave here my posts:


Now, let’s work on Telegram

Telegram Bots

I want to introduce Bots in Telegram. There are 5 different kind of bots and it’s really easy to work with them. How I work these bots? It’s mainly about visiting websites. You can also join chats and so on, but the best way is visiting websites. You have to stay between 10-20 seconds and you win the reward. It’s so easy!! Moreover, they give you very very good rewards!


Daily Bonus!!

This is the most useful thing! If you visit every day three websites, you will increase by a 2% your rewards!! And there is a king of connection, saying that you will have the bonus for the 5 different bots. For example, if I visit three websites in DOGE bot, I increase in a 2% my reward for the other 4 bots. That’s incredible. Now, I have 50% more on every task, just visiting few websites.


Let me know if you work these faucets! I leave here my referral links (on which you can help me, I will thank you a lot). Let’s work on it!

DOGE Click Bot:

LTC Click Bot: 

ZEC Click Bot: 

BCH Click Bot: 

BTC Click Bot: 

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Best Webpages to win cryptos (2023) !!
Best Webpages to win cryptos (2023) !!

Here I will post the faucets that I consider that worth to work!!

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