EC-Mining and ES Faucet – More than 10 crytocurrencies every day !!

After news about CoinPot, that is going to close down in a week, we have to continue working on our best faucets. First, I want to remind that the best Faucet I work is ES-Faucet, on which I have improved a lot my daily bonus. Here, a screenshot about how is my situation right now in ES Faucet, and the link on which you can register. I recommend you very hardly!!


ES Faucet:

Now, I present EC-Mining

EC-Mining: mine more than 20 cryptocurrencies

First of all, you need an account on ExpressCrypto. You don’t have it? Don’t worry! I leave here a link on which you can register. ExpressCrypto is basically a microwallet as FaucetPay, but we need an account to work on EC-Mining.

Express Crypto:

EC-Mining is a kind of Faucet on which you can do two things. First, you can claim every 10 minutes “Power Mining” that will increase by a 1% if you claim at least once a day. You can choose between having mining power for a day or for an hour (at the end, it’s the same). With that power, you can choose between more than 20 cryptocurrencies to mine. You will receive your crytos directly to your ExpressCryto account, that’s amazing !!


Then, you can claim EC Tokens (ECT) again every 10 minutes. With ECT you can both convert in power mining or use them in different airdrops that eventually you have on EC-Mining.


That’s really easy. So don’t hesitate to use this page and let’s work !!


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