14 Ways to Make Publish0x Even More Awesome
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14 Ways to Make Publish0x Even More Awesome

By Ben Wehrman | BenWehrman.com | 5 Jul 2020

Publish0x is awesome.


We all know this. From the brilliant rewards-pool tipping system, to the elegant interface, to the highly-engaged development team, it's very difficult to find aspects of the platform that are lacking.

But that said...I'm a firm believer in constructive criticism no matter HOW amazing the platform may be, in the name of continuous improvement!


Today, I'll be putting my most extreme nitpickiness on display, in an attempt to take Publish0x a few steps closer toward perfection.


I urge all readers to share your own recommendations in the comments, so we can bring together as much constructive criticism as possible to be considered in future updates to the platform. With our help, we can assist the dev team in building the most refined product possible for future advertisers.


Let's get started!


1. The MOST IMPORTANT change that must be made: H1 Tags in the text editor

Note: It's my understanding that text editor functionality may be out of direct developer control (it's a TinyMCE widget), but I figure Publish0x has the authority to reach out to third parties such as this one to implement fixes.


On the "Create New Post" page, there's an option for the author to apply Heading 1 (H1) tags anywhere they want within the post. According to Google, it's very bad SEO to have any more than one H1 tag in an entire blog post page (only the TITLE should be H1, always). "Heading 1" should definitely NOT be an option in the dropdown list inside the text editor. (More info on H-Tags here).

This is most likely killing Publish0x's organic Google traffic, since most authors use H1s all over the place on their posts.

By fixing this problem, I'm positive that Publish0x would see an immediate jump in Google traffic, since the SEO trackers will finally stop red-flagging the majority of posts on the platform!

I urge you to look into this, team! If it's TinyMCE's fault, then it's worth blowing their phones up. I promise.


2. What's up with the Crypto Team Updates button on the top bar?

publish0x team


It appears to be a list of totally random posts...

When I click Team Updates, I expect to see stuff like, contests, leaderboard updates, website news, meet the team, etc. It'd be great if this were curated better for people that are eager to see a behind-the-scenes look on the latest at Publish0x.


3. Ability to zoom in while viewing posts on mobile.


The majority of Publish0x posts are informational, so lots of text-heavy infographics are used. Unfortunately, bloggers on the platform must choose if they want their photos to be optimal size for desktop (horizontal) or mobile (vertical).

Either way, mobile users are pretty screwed, since the large margins squeeze down the photos, making it nearly impossible to read the words unless the text is enormous.


Here's an example photo from one of my recent posts, in mobile view:


publish0x blog post


The text on that photo looks great on PC, but impossible to read on mobile.

Easy fix: simply add zoom functionality to the mobile version of the site.


4. When you click the Tipping button, you shouldn't get shot up to the top of the page.


When I like an author's post, I want to LIKE, TIP, and COMMENT on it. But currently, that process doesn't flow too well, since after the LIKE and TIP, you get thrown back up to the top of the page, and need to scroll all the way back down to leave a comment.

I assume this has something to do with needing to refresh the page to confirm the tip (which is fine), but it should be pretty easy to apply an anchor tag to the HTML of the comment section. That way, the user would be brought back down to their place on the page following the refresh.


5. "Sign Up" popup window - 1 problem, 1 recommendation



5a. Problem:

"Earn Crypto Reading Content" should be "Earn Crypto By Reading Content"


5b. Recommendation:

This picture doesn't really match the site's audience. It's a blogging platform, not a photography portfolio -- I'd change the picture to either someone writing in a journal, reading, or typing on a laptop.


6. Profile --> Affiliate Stats still shows coins that have been off the platform for months


publish0x affiliate


I'm not sure if you plan on bringing these coins back at a later date, but if not, I could see this list getting convoluted in no time. When new affiliates join, they have no reason to see these old coins that haven't been on Publish0x for ages.


7. Bell Notifications dropdown grammar mistake


One of the buttons has all words capitalized: "Mark All As Read" while the other only has the first word capitalized: "View older notifications".


publish0x notification

I told you I'm a nitpicky bastard! But hey, it's the little things that make all the difference ;)


8. When I click the bell notifications, I'd like it to automatically apply the "Mark all as read" function


Curious to see what other people think about this, but I'm a fan how other social sites (like Facebook) do it. When I click the bell, I see the things. I shouldn't have to click another button to reset the bell color.


9. Miscellaneous Top Bar issues:


9a. On Dark Mode, the XRP and EOS buttons are invisible, since they're black.




Might be nice to have a separate white/gray PNG image loaded up for each, so there's a visible image there for dark mode users.


9b. I personally think the top bar could use an overhaul in general.


Instead of just laying out a bunch of coins, how about more of an organized system (similar to Cointelegraph/Hackernoon), like:

  • For Beginners
  • DeFi
  • General News
  • Coins (dropdown)



If not this, at least add a "For Beginners." tab -- this is a must in my opinion.

As the site stands today, I don't want to promote it to any of my no-coiner friends, since most homepages I've seen so far are typically full of advanced topics that would scare off beginners. If there was a place for total newbies to go and read posts on the basic concepts, that would be a huge driver for new Publish0x registrants.


Or better yet...how about a customizable homepage?


Rather than a static set (News, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.), what if we could curate a top bar of our personal favorite coins and topics to be shown on each login?

To go a step further, it'd also be sweet to customize certain tags to be laid up right there as well.

Lots of possibilities here. But no matter what changes are made, I believe some minor tweaks to the top bar would make users' daily reading experience much smoother.


10. On the "Payments" screen, I still have the Atomic affiliate link shown, after I've already used it


atomic wallet banner


This banner should go away once it's already been used (or once any withdrawal is made, since that'd signal that the user already has a wallet). This space could then be used for more relevant ads/affiliate links by Publish0x, which would be a win-win.


11. Notification on referral conversions


This one's purely just for fun...

The Publish0x ambassador bonus of a 5% lifetime cut on all tips is FREAKIN EPIC. As an ambassador myself, this is absolutely worth celebrating, so it'd make my day to see a notification with a simple: "1 new referral signup! Congratulations!"

It may seem insignificant, but this would DEFINITELY replenish ambassadors' motivation to continue the grind on promoting Publish0x to as many new people as possible.


12. The "Your Posts --> Drafts" section is a mess


publish0x blogger


I have 3 drafts. Why are there 7 blocks of buttons on the right side?

There should only be one "Last modified" line for each post, and none of them should have the Publish/Edit/Delete options next to them. (I DO think that the ability to go through these revisions within the post itself would be great, but not on this page.)


13. It'd be SWEET if we could organize our bookmarks into different folders


I know bookmarks are brand new so I'm jumping the gun a bit here...but having one giant list on a page is a bit oversimplified in my opinion. If I could organize my "Read Later" posts into customizeable buckets for future browsing, that would be very nifty.



14. Miscellaneous Text Editor flaws 


14a. No way to make numbered lists?


It seems odd that we can't do that...


14b. There should be automatic spacing before/after Header tags to break up the text more cleanly.


Here's a comparison of how it looks on Publish0x by default, vs. what it looks like after manually adding spaces before every heading.




Compared to...




It is entirely possible that this is just personal preference--if you disagree, please leave a comment to help the Publish0x team see what the people want :)

In order to replicate this clean look on Publish0x, I've manually gone back and added spaces before and after every heading before publishing posts, but this should be automatically done.


On my own website, I've simply added the following CSS code site-wide so I never have to worry about adding additional spacing to my blog posts:

  • 35px to margin-top (H2, H3, H4)
  • 35px to margin-bottom (H2, H3, H4)

The final result looks like this:


ben wehrman blog

(Full example post here for better look at what I mean.)


I also added bottom & top padding to all images, YouTube embeds, Tweet embeds, etc. to make sure every element on the page has some breathing room. This top-to-bottom spacing overhaul would be ideal, but since most people just write with text, spacing on the <H> tags should be priority #1.


14c. Photo uploads should be automatically re-sized to fit into the editor


Here's what it looks like when I insert a screenshot image into a post:




Obviously...it's waaay too big.

Upon upload, these photos should be automatically resized to the max size of the editor, so we don't have to click/drag 3 times to get it small enough to fit into the editor.




WHOO! That's all I've got for today, gang.

Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments; many of my points are somewhat preference-based, so it'd be good to hear what other people think about my proposals. Of course, it'd be especially awesome if you add your own recommendations, too!

With your help, my hope is that we can catch the eyes of the Publish0x team, and give them a helping hand in streamlining their future update to-do list.


Until next time,




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