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By belemo | belemo | 23 Sep 2019

In one of my numerous forays into the decentralized part of the land called the internet, I encountered an interesting platform called Proximax. Proximax is a network equipped with nifty tools that facilitates the development of a variety of applications and software through the implementation of cutting edge technology that incorporates both generic or blockchain-based apps.
Proxiamax is a company based in Gibraltar that is built on the NEM blockchain and Catapult platform. It is a P2P set of protocols designed to serve as a collection of tools and apps aimed towards facilitating and implementing the creation of Decentralised applications and internet-based businesses, giving these companies a competitive edge through an eco-friendly distributed ledger technology that addresses problems of scalability, speed of transaction and implementation, to name a few. This will, in turn, give platforms built on Proximax(pronounced Proxima X) a competitive edge in the ever-changing society that is the internet.


According to the Whitepaper, ProximaX intends to address the problems with traditional blockchain by

integrating a number of off-chain, peer-to-peer service components (layers) that are found in traditional SaaS and IaaS based centralised architectures, like content delivery networks (CDN) and cloud offerings. The primary services being that of storage and streaming media - all managed and governed by a robust set of consensus protocols to ensure integrity of the network along with measuring, validating, and incentivizing the decentralised workforce to prosper and grow

 Why ProximaX

ProximaX offers its users an advantageous experience because when you build or move your application to the platform, you enjoy;

  • Flexibility: Users of the platform can build applications that work on networks within ProximaX, as well as outside the network; ETH and BTC for example.
  • Scalability: The freedom to build and implement applications that handle data of varying sizes and data rate.
  • Easy to Use: The ProximaX Sirius’ APIs and SDKs are available in a broad range of programming languages making it easy to integrate with a wide range of applications.
  • Speed: Through the implementation of a peer to peer technology, ProximaX created a system where data transfer is fast and efficient.
  • Secure: The distributed architecture makes the system impervious to cyber-attacks and similar vices.
  • Economical: These services are staggering cheap when compared to other available networks available.

To achieve this, an array of tools were designed for Developers to simplify and implement their projects in a user-friendly environment that is ProximaX. On the [Homepage, you can find short descriptions of some of the tools provided.

 ProximaX Apps

ProximaX offers a variety of applications that I consider to be tools that make it easy for developers and business owners to deploy their newly developed or preexisting applications on the network. The best part is that onboarding your application to ProximaX network is super easy. So about the tools, here are are a couple of them;



Through the implementation of blockchain technology, ProximaX is equipped with the necessary facility to store and manage sensitive identity records for your customers and all this comes at a reduced price to traditional centralised architecture and other similar services available.


 Proximax Suite


Proximax also provides a ready to use set of applications like spreadsheets and word processing powered by blockchain technology, thus providing the underlying security and privacy for users' information.

 ProximaX File it

Transfer of files is Sirius(serious) business and on ProximaX network, this is made fast, secure and reliable across all nodes.


 Proximax Forensic


This feature enables users to get in-depth information about data, security and privacy-related issues. The feature also enables users to store this information for future purposes.
You can check out the other ProximaX applications at the Homepage.


The XPX Token

The XPX token is the native currency of the ProximaX network. It is used to pay for transactions on the public blockchain in order to incentivise its network of public nodes that process and record transactions for application service providers (ASP). You can purchase or trade this token in the exchanges listed here. You can also download NEM wallet that holds XPX here


Like I pointed out earlier, ProximaX offers variety in the sense that it can be used to build a variety of applications; the tools embedded in the network are so designed to incorporate both blockchain-based and traditional applications. This is very evident in some of the prominent members of the network. The customers vary from an innovative solution provider like Sibernetrix to Health Institute that focuses on safety at workplaces in Malaysia called the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and even the government of UAE that built their Ministry of Community Development (MOCD)platform on it.


Sort out the mobile wallet download links on the XPX page. Those links/banners for Android and IOS mobile devices only redirect the browser to the same page in a different tab.






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