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By Zan Poglajen | Belacam | 29 Oct 2020

We at realize the importance of building real use cases for our BELA token. That's why we've created a shop built in our Belacam platform, where users can spend their hard earned tokens to buy gift cards and subscriptions.

Currently, there are 14 items in the Belacam Shop available to purchase, with more on the way!


Available items:
- $10 Starbucks gift card
- $10 Nike gift card
- $10 Walmart gift card
- $10 Domino's gift card
- $10 Xbox Live one month Gold subscription
- $10 Google Play gift card
- $10 Burger King gift card
- $10 eBay gift card
- $10 Target gift card
- $15 Sephora gift card
- $15 Uber gift card
- $20 Lowe's gift card
- $25 Amazon gift card
- $25 Southwest Airlines gift card

Items listed above can ALL be purchased with BELA token, which our users can earn for FREE by posting, completing surveys, referring users to, or by staking BELA token - which brings 39% annual returns as calculated by


BELA can also be bought on the Mercatox exchange, where it currently trades with BELA/BTC pair.

Useful links:
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Zan Poglajen
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