How to Earn More on Belacam (2020 Version)

By Zan Poglajen | Belacam | 3 May 2020

This is an updated version of Tyler Marx’s 2019 guide. While most tips remain the same, there have been a few updates and changes to Belacam since then which I’ve added to the guide.

There are three ways to earn on Belacam: posting content, completing surveys, and referrals.

Earn by posting content on Belacam

This is the main way of earning on Belacam. Post photos and videos and get paid for every like you receive. While it's simple enough, there are still few guidelines you should consider if you wish to build a greater following and improve your earnings.

  1. Post your own Unique Photos. This is the most important tip to follow. Copyrighted images or photos you find on Google images or on the internet are not well received by Belacam’s community and our users won’t give you Likes for such stolen photos. Additionally, posting copyrighted material is also against Belacam’s terms of use and could get your account in trouble. Even if you do manage to get likes on such posts, you definitely won’t get paid, since while processing withdrawal requests, our team checks your account manually to make sure there is no copyrighted material. To earn money, post interesting photos or videos you take yourself or own the rights to.

  2. Post Interesting Captions. Posting an interesting caption with your posts is also “a must” if you wish to earn more. Write something interesting. The best captions are the ones that tell the story behind your post, however, you can also add a question or a random thought to it. Be creative. Having a good caption, makes users feel a more personal connection to you and your photos.

  3. Use Relevant and Unique Hashtags. Hashtags are searchable, so they make your photo more discoverable. Avoid frequently used hashtags like #belacam, #nature, and #like4like because so many users post on them that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. #Dogsofbelacam or #farming are great examples of unique hashtags, and the photos posted there have received more likes than normal posts. Also, do not use too many hashtags. Try to use a few quality ones. We’ve found that posts with 6 or less perform better than the ones with 50+ hashtags. When a user sees a post with 50 hashtags, they often scroll right past it because the post looks like spam. On Belacam, users reward quality content, and the caption and hashtag all play into making your post a quality one.

  4. Build a following. As with every site, fame isn’t instant. The users who earn $1 or more each time they post have been using the site for a few months now. The more followers you have, the more exposure your photos get, and the more likely they are to be liked. Get followers by giving out comments, following others, and giving out likes. Often, users will return the favor. But remember: be genuine. Commenting on other user’s post asking for a follow or a like is not a great way to build a real following. Comment your real thoughts about people’s posts, ask questing, start discussions…. That is the kind of engagement that brings the community closer together and does result in you getting a real genuine following.

  5. Give Likes. As you give likes to other users, they appreciate the money you’re tipping them, and they’ll often follow you or give likes back. Our “Hot” algorithm for the Explore page also ranks posts higher for each like that the poster gives in the previous 24 hours.

  6. Make it to the Hot Page. Posts that make it to the hot page earn the most. While the actual formula hot page ranking is confidential, I can tell you that getting as many likes as possible in the first 1–2 hours is extremely important. Giving out likes boosts your post ranking as well.

Example of one of my posts with unique photo, relevant caption and good use of hashtags

Earn by completing surveys

Completing surveys is the newest and very profitable way of earning on Belacam. We match you with brands that want to hear your opinions and are prepared to pay for it. Surveys often take 5–20 minutes and pay out in BELA upon completion. Users are able to make up to $3 per survey.
You can earn with surveys here:

Earn by referring users to Belacam

You’re able to earn by simply referring your friend to Belacam. Refer people to Belacam to earn free BELA when they first register and then continually earn 10% of the BELA they make taking our paid surveys. The more people you refer, the more you earn per referral. Share your Belacam referral link with others, and when they sign up through that link, we will credit Bela to your account. You can request your referral link here:


*Some other ways to earn:

  1. Follow Belacam on social channels. Another great way is to follow Belacam on FacebookTwitter and to join Telegram group. Occasionally we post tasks with Bela rewards or Bela token giveaways. The more people join our social channels — the more giveaways we will do!
  2. Completing surveys on It works similarly to completing surveys on Belacam, except you get rewarded Bitcoin and not BELA token. Users are able to earn up to $8 per hour completing surveys on BTCsurveys. Also, you help Belacam grow by doing so since BTCsurvey is a website meant to help Belacam and all of its earnings go towards Belacam maintenance, development, and marketing.
    You can sign up here:

I truly hope this guide will help you with your earnings. And remember, ss with all social media sites, perseverance is rewarded! When you’ve worked your way up to a few hundred followers, you can expect to earn good money for each quality photo that you post.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask in our Telegram group and we will gladly assist you.

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Zan Poglajen
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