Belacam Update: New Anti-Spam system

By Zan Poglajen | Belacam | 9 Nov 2020

We at are very dedicated to providing the best user experience. We realize the importance of our user's safety and keeping our platform clean and fun to use - a platform to which users enjoy returning to, to socialize, share content, and of course, to earn crypto.

Spam, fraudulent accounts, abuse of the referral program are a few things we've been actively fighting for a while now, however, we're proud to announce that, we've just deployed a brand new "Anti-Spam" system which will prevent all these things from occurring. The system is active since yesterday - Sunday, Nov. 8th. , and the results are already overwhelmingly positive. By researching and studying the patterns of fraudulent accounts, we've been able to build a system that automatically detects and blocks problematic accounts. As a result, a great number of such accounts was already detected and deleted. 

The implementation of this system also brings some new changes to Belacam. Before newly registered users are able to give out likes to other users, they are first required to:
- Have at least one post
- Have at least one "Like" on their post

We feel this is a great and very important improvement of our platform, which brings the authenticity of to the next level.

In the upcoming weeks, we will follow the results of the new Anti-Spam system very closely and make adjustments if necessary.

It's Belacam's mission to be the No.1 cryptocurrency-based social media site on the world wide web, and with updates and features currently in development, we will be able to achieve just that! 

We've also pushed a few minor server speed optimizations recently, with a big server upgrade still in developments, that will greatly increase the speed and security of Belacam and drastically reduce our operational costs, which will allow us to put more funds towards development.

Feel free to follow us on our social channels to stay up to date with news and announcements.

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