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Yesterday in Being Wrong on the Internet: Poverty

"There's no such thing as poverty. People just don't know how to properly manage their finances and lifestyle so that they don't live beyond their means."

WTAF, dude? GTFO my feed with that load of crap! It's just as well it's not possible for me to punch people through the Internet, because I guarantee you I would very much like to sock that douche canoe. Instead, I blocked and reported him.

I suppose he thinks that poor people are lazy and should get jobs. If only it were that simple ...

"While the policies of deeply institutionalized racism were overturned 25 years ago, the economic and social impacts of apartheid are still very much present in South African society, and have contributed to ever-widening gaps between black and white South Africans in multiple ways. It is broadly recognized that apartheid was the ultimate form of structural violence that forced hundreds of thousands of black South Africans into informal housing ..."
 — "Informal housing, poverty and legacies of Apartheid in South Africa" (2019-11-07); University of Washington

If he ever gets out of his white American ivory tower long enough to get in touch with reality, I suggest he doesn't set foot in South Africa, where at least 90% of non-white people were systematically forced into poverty, over the course of nearly half a century, as a result of the Apartheid government's racist policies. He'll not fair at all well. (I'm guessing he'll encounter a sharpened bicycle spoke or knife between the ribs.) Fuck him in the arse with a rusty fish fork, without lube!

Since I've posted more of these than I expected to, I've created a separate blog for them and am migrating them to it.

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Rorschach's Journal
Rorschach's Journal

The void breathed hard on my heart, turning its illusions to ice, shattering them. Was reborn then, free to scrawl own design on this morally blank world. Was Rorschach. Does that answer your Questions, Doctor?

Being Wrong On the Internet
Being Wrong On the Internet

I have a penchant for trouncing idiots who are clearly in the wrong on the Internet. It's important to me. What am I supposed to do, after all, leave? If I do, they'll continue to be wrong and I can't leave an erroneous/fallacious load of BS not argued/debunked.

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