Splinterlands - Latest release brings us new goodies

By Behiver | behiver | 13 Sep 2023

In Splinterlands, the amazing play2earn game on the Hive blockchain, releases continue to drop while the majority of the team is working on Land 1.5. The upgrades made in the game are not far-reaching, but they keep things going on while we wait for heavy new features being build up. The easiest way to get to know what was improved in the game is through the Weekly Splinterlands AMA, but nevertheless I will be presenting and going over the Release Notes from 12th of September 2023.


4th Riftwatchers Airdrop - Sea Wreck

The fourth Riftwatchers airdrop card, Sea Wreck, has been added to the game. It can now be found by opening packs and anyone that bought packs before 6:00 am EDT / 10:00 am UTC Thursday, September 7 will have a 1/250 chance per pack of getting one airdropped. For every 250 packs purchased, you will receive one guaranteed card. And for every card airdropped, there is a 4% chance that it will be a gold foil card instead of a regular foil.

Riftwatchers is probably one of the edition I didn't buy in as after the Chaos Legion fiasco with too many packs thrown on the market during the bull run and the need to burn them during the bear market. Thus, while I am glad for those that bought in that they will get another airdrop, I will stay on the sidelines on this one. And if the cards tokenomics will not improve in the future, I might say pass to other new editions as well.

General Updates

The timer on additional energy purchases now resets at midnight UTC, the same time that the daily focus ends. Rolling a new Daily Focus will no longer reset your focus points, as the timer no longer resets after the change where all players' focuses end at midnight UTC. Cleaned up some text that had underlying links on our various e-mails that was causing some browsers to flag them as suspicious.

As General updates in the game we see some fine touches on DEC purchase mechanics, Daily Focus rollout and some text cleanup. Nothing that makes my blood going on, but I guess any progress is good progress. And let's not forget that the Splinterlands team (whatever its size is now after this prolonged bear market) is working on the Land 1.5 release. Probably the mavericks will get to see that in action first similar to a Beta testing and after all the Major and Critical bugs are fixed, we'll probably see when that will get also to the general players. That's where I'm finding myself and for the moment being I can only wait.

Image from thread

While things seem to be barely moving, I can understand where the most focus is and that it takes time to complete such a complex feature. But while some might wait for that, I am only thinking on how to continue and accumulate more and more SPS and other assets through Daily Battles, Season End, Brawls and a little bit of trading. One thing is clear for me is that during this bearish times, it is the best time to build and acquire more assets one way or the other. I have invested long enough in Splinterlands and next will be to put up my time whenever I have it to grow my assets. This might not pay out immediately, but when the market will turn around and the bulls will show up, those putting up now the work will be the most rewarded. This is the way!

Come and join the amazing world from the Splinterlands!

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