Hive Power Up Day | The road to powering up HIVE – 2,858.734/10,000 (28.58%) target progress from 01-Oct-2020

By Behiver | behiver | 30 Sep 2020

This powerup falls in the same day with the Hive Power Up Day initiative on the HIVE blockchain to stake more tokens and reduce those on the market. As this increases the voting power as well, thus curation I consider it a win-win. At the same time I am following my set goals.

As previously stated my target for this year is to get 10 000 HIVE powered up. I've aggregated all my earnings and will power up every time I can regardless of the HIVE price. This is a long term strategy and I am not willing to derail from it in any way (maybe if the HIVE price gets to more than 1$, but even than I might just accumulate more). I have multiple interests and the funding will come from gaming, cryptocurrencies, finance and life posts.




It is time to redeem some pending rewards and use them to increase my influence. The sources of my gains are:

  • The majority of the HIVE rewards are from HIVE Games like Splinterlands, CryptoBrewMaster and RisingStar. While I also play DCity at the moment the income from there goes back in the game as investment. While not yet monetized I play also Rabona and waiting for the season to end to see the rewarding system.
  • Posts on different communities (most important LEO Finance) which brought me both HIVE and second layer tokens
  • Comments on New posts (just love to curate new content) about Hive Games, Finance and other cryptocurrency related subjects
    Note: I must extend my earning channels and looking to invest in some of the HIVE communities which could reward either through upvotes, mining, shares or any other form.

My last powering on 11th September 2020 got me to 2,602.678 and the APR% and HP curation raised my account to 2,703.358.



As per today 01-Oct-2020 I have powered up 155.144 HIVE more which got me over the 2,850 milestone and resulted in 2,858.734 HIVE POWER which represent 28.58% from the 10,000 goal. The next threshold for me would be to pass over 3,000 HIVE Power, so I just need about 150 HIVE to get there.




The rules on the project I've undertake for posting on LeoFinance community and staking are like this:

Power up anytime from the HIVE or HBD wallets.

  1. Make 1 or 2 posts daily and be active also commenting and contribution to well established communities.
  2. Post about hobbies and items of interest in order to keep the focus – crypto gaming, finance, blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, finance or content based on the communities I am part of.
  3. Keep posting about the progress and see if the milestone can be reached until 31-December-2020.
  4. Keep playing HIVE games and trade between second layer tokens and HIVE.

Next I just need to keep up with it and make a routine out of it. Stay posted to see if this project will succeed in the given timeline – end of the year 31-December-2020.

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