HBD Savings - Like in the Monopoly game, Go and Collect!

By Behiver | behiver | 20 Apr 2024

It is no secret that I am a fan of putting my HBD to work through the HBD Savings account. The crypto market is volatile, any asset can go up, but later on come down. To fight this a great option is to put some of the investments in stablecoins and HBD offers a great option for that as it offers an amazing 20% APR. And any interest is accrued at the Hive block transaction interval (which is 3 seconds) and it is compounded from there. Simply you cannot beat that and while others see their portfolios going into red, I can have it green up through my stablecoins diversification.


And today it passed 1 Month since my previous HBD interest harvest and I will be getting 53 HBD mode. And guess what? They go directly into the Savings account and continue to compound and accrue more value as time passes by. Like in the well known Monopoly game you simple need to Go and collect!

It is weekend, I am relaxing, I am watching football and having a whisky and simply have a great time. And in all this time HBD Savings keeps on working for me and simply puts more $ into my pocket. What more could you want? Well, maybe Bitcoin to skyrocket to $100k, Ethereum surpass $5k and so many other moon whishes... but until that happens I will simply sit back, relax and enjoy my steady revenue stream that HBD provides.

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With HBD you simply cannot go wrong. 100% passive income with a low risk ensured by the HBD Stabilizer which didn't fail us for so many years. Of course if the sun explodes or the Earth loses gravity, we might get into trouble even with HBD... but what chances are for that? So I will continue my HBD interest harvesting month after month and continue to grow my stablecoin position. With such revenue stream I simply think that anyone can make a living in time and elevate the lifestyle. Not in beginning, but be persistent for some time and that will surely pay off big.

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