A tip for newcomers on LEO Finance - Write what you would like to read about yourself

By Behiver | behiver | 5 Oct 2020

Writing on LEO Finance is a key factor to get LEO rewards which can be staked and used afterwards for curation. But to get there the newcomers need to write valuable articles for the community and the best way to do so is to make sure it is derived from the crypto & finance world. LeoPedia provides a full list with the appropriate content that should be posted on LEO Finance that will be curated by the community curation team and other members.


Now let me tell you the story of my post with the biggest recognition from the community so far. First of all I got the right domain that I wanted to cover and which maps itself on the community interests – Stock Market and Research Reports on Stocks. As an amateur trader I learned that you need to inform yourself before taking position on the market and starting from here I've started researching different companies listed on NYSE exchange, following financial results and other announcements posted by their CEOs or influential people around them.


I've traded some stocks based on the financial results and some of them where quite good, but without exceptional results. But trying to follow CEOs from those companies, I've soon learned that also they are moving on the market, but being employees they need to publicly declare that. I've soon grasp that the terminology for people from traded companies that buy or sell on the markets are called INSIDERS. I thought that this looks shady and probably it is illegal, but soon to find out that is quite legal and also the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission agency transparently posts on their websites whom makes a market move while being an Insider.


This way I could follow some movements from Elon Musk or some specific companies, which provided me some information when to enter or exit some of the markets. As I though that this information is pretty precious I've decided to share it with LEO Finance community under the "Stocks Secret: You can follow insiders to see the trading they are doing and anticipate market move" article. Even if this was not a long article, the usefulness of the information was appreciated by the community and it got recognized through the given rewards and the potion on most popular article on the main page.


So my advise for newcomers is to contribute to the community with useful information that brings value, that can translate into earning or money, that is about promising projects where you can be an early adopter, that is describing flows to get things done in the financial and crypto domain and that you share because it worked for you. In order to receive something you need first to give and guiding yourself on this and sharing useful and rewarding information is the key factor to get recognized and promoted. And just one more suggestion for the newcomers to go through the following process when posting:

  1. Write your post as you consider fit.
  2. Switch to the reader role and ask yourself what you get from the post.
  3. If there is something about it like useful information, encouragement, interesting opinion, tracking data, transparency, new options or things to be better done that means you are on the right path.
  4. Post and repeat!

Write what you would like to read about yourself!

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