80% of Institutional Investors Anticipate Crypto to Overhaul “Old-fashioned” Investments, Study Shows

By MRDOWJONES | Beginners user guide | 28 Apr 2022



“A survey by crypto trading platform Bitstamp shows that 80% of institutional investors believe crypto will overtake traditional investment vehicles. Furthermore, 70% of institutional investors said crypto was a trustworthy investment, with 68% actively recommending this asset class in investment strategies.”


It’s been a rollercoaster, to say the least. We were laughed at, discarded as nothing more than another dot com era investment. 


I won’t bore you with the timeline of how we got to where we’re at, but believe me that’s coming in due time mmm. I genuinely think we should all take pride in the fact we are the first generation to have not only developed these products, but built/improved upon them! Just a few examples listed below. 


  Bitstamp is a rather original, established cryptocurrency exchange, with offices in Luxembourg, New York City, and London. The exchange allows fiat (United States Dollar to Mexican Peso) and so forth. The exchange also allows cryptocurrency transactions, with a whopping $228,586,863 (two hundred and eight million, five hundred eighty six hundred thousand, and eight hundred three dollars) in exchange volume.



  (I bring this up only to lend more credibility to claims being made by their institutional clients, as not many US traders are familiar with the exchange.) 

   According to the survey results: “88% of institutional respondents and 75% of retail investors believe that crypto will see mainstream adoption within a decade.” 

Bitstamp claims:

          “A further 80% of institutional investors reported that crypto will overtake traditional investment vehicles — showing a particularly bullish attitude from financial professionals on the future of crypto as an asset class.”



    Furthermore, it seems a little more than half of the retail investors interviewed shared the opinion that mainstream adoption would happen within the decade. (To be fair it does sound a bit too great to be true, but isn’t that what crypto is entirely based on at this point?)

    “Several prominent investors have said  that institutional investors are increasingly interested in investing in cryptocurrency.

Earlier this month, Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary predicted that trillions of dollars will flood into crypto from institutional investors. He believes that crypto will become the 12th sector of the S&P. Asset management firm Skybridge Capital is also “extremely bullish” on crypto, an executive of the firm said this week.

Furthermore, many people expect institutional investors to pile into crypto when the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finally approves spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs).” 

- another excerpt from the article


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   On a personal note folks, I am debating on taking up being a “newsie”. I’m a 26 year old male living in a sober living house due to a broken home. I was homeless prior (haven’t had an actual addiction issue in more than 2-3 years, and want to start a family) 

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Genuinely speaking I’ve learned better when I’m teaching, rather than just being taught something. Maybe it’s the repetitiveness or ensuring i understand the concepts but hope you guys enjoy what I’ve got, more importantly what’s coming 😌🥵😈

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