Making Publish0x Old School again
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Making Publish0x Old School again

By Nevsie | Beginner in Crypto | 11 Nov 2021

I wish. I want. I beg. Bring back what made Publish0x great...

Were you an early adopter to Publish0x? I wish I was. I joined up when the train was full steam ahead. It was great, I learnt loads, articles were full of insight, and the rewards were in cryptos I had never heard of. They introduced me to a wonderful world full of optimism, and each of those $1 payout soon become even greater sums of money. 

And when I say great...


My $3 if Ample became $6503 in a governance issue. 


My $5 of Loopring just went up 800% in two weeks. 


The team behind this wonderful beast used their knowledge and experience to build themselves a business. And us mere suckerfish were able to pick off the tiny bits of meat from between that sharks teeth and survive, even thrive beyond our wildest dreams. 


Now, I know their business was subsidised by them. It certainly needs to become self sufficient. We all know, and are guilty of posting terrible articles, stuffed fully of referral codes, in the hopes are making a few more dollars. This needed to stop, maybe it still does. I apologise for this whole heartedly!

But... The thing I miss the most... Are those new crypto payouts, the new wallet promotions, the new world of dreams that seemed to come monthly. 

Oh Publish0x, I miss you. 

Down with Eth, leave the farming to those with brains far smarter than I. Bring me new, exciting new projects. Bring me coins that might moon, or explode. If I am only making $1, then why would I want Eth's $100 dollar gas fee.

So please Publish0x. Bring back Old School for Christmas.

What do you all want? Do you miss it? Or is the latest, the greatest and you want to keep the grass you currently graze?




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Interests in crypto are sparked from my curiosity to learn all things new. As a web developer, I love new concepts, toys, methods, and tools. The RPi is a great example of learning things for the sake of it, but practical use. That is my admiration.

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Beginner in Crypto

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