Coinbase New Earn Alert // $43 Band Protocol Released today
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Coinbase New Earn Alert // $43 Band Protocol Released today

By Nevsie | Beginner in Crypto | 8 Dec 2020

Another very quick post today. It looks like Coinbase has reopened lessons for Band Protocol. It looks like it is three lessons of $1 dollar each. The lowest I have ever seen on Coinbase - and to be I honest find this a bit poor.

Yes you can get the other $40 through referrals. This is great for people with a broad and wide reach, but for us little guys, you might get a few of these if you are lucky.

Band Protocol - the summary


I do not know a great deal about Band Protocol, so below is a brief explanation of them from reading their website:

  • The buzzwords: Secure, Scalable, Blockchain-Agnostic, Decentralized Oracle
  • What that means: Band Protocol is a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts
  • What does that really mean: It connects isolated blockchains to information from outside its network, be that weather or train times
  • So have a quick look yourself:


So what is it left - oh yes my begging:

Compound referral commission of $10 each up to $40.

Stellar - As above, referral commision of $10 each up to $40


Once the tutorials open up, I will post questions and answers. Not that they are not really easy, just for speed!

Thanks Everyone, N

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Beginner in Crypto

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