Coinbase Band Protocol Earn $43 Now Live
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Coinbase Band Protocol Earn $43 Now Live

By Nevsie | Beginner in Crypto | 8 Dec 2020

I announced the waiting list was up for this learn and earn programme earlier. It seems to have gone live just a few hours later. Therefore, those of you ready to earn coinbases measly $3 dollars for 3 very quick lessons. Off you hop! But yes there is also the harder to get $40 referral earnings too. 

The questions are as easy as ever and here they are below.

Question 1 - What unique offering does Band Protocol bring?

Answer - Real world data

Question 2 - What are Bands decentralised data feeds called?

Answer - Oracles

Question 3 - What is one benefit of staking your Band tokens?

Answer - Earn crypto rewards

And... Honestly that is it. Short, simple, and worth a measly $3 - coinbases low low earn rating! But, it is free, do we must not grumble. Hopefully some referrals will occur.

Thanks again all. See you soon. 


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Interests in crypto are sparked from my curiosity to learn all things new. As a web developer, I love new concepts, toys, methods, and tools. The RPi is a great example of learning things for the sake of it, but practical use. That is my admiration.

Beginner in Crypto
Beginner in Crypto

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