I care about you, not what you do

2021 presents me another opportunity to become a better me. The other day while meditation, a thought came into my mind. How often do I communicate to those within my circle of influence the genuine concern I have for them. Caring about others is key to life because no person is an island right? 

Many times we consume ourselves with the activities of other which then lead to arguments and conflict. When I step back and analyze things, unless the activities of another impact me directly or in some significant way, why should I be concerned? In times like that I remind myself to say the Serenity Prayer:


As Madea said, 'You can't change People" and I believe her. My goal this year to to let people know I care about them, but not about what they do. What they do is their decision. I might not personally be excited about it, I might not agree with it, but that's for me to deal with and not them. Now, if they ASK my opinion, I will provide it. 

I know many will say, but Paul - What about... Sure what about it. Deal with situations as they arise and don't get so consumed with drawing out what if scenarios. Deal with the low hanging fruit. People are angry and upset at family members over their behaviors and sometimes it only impacts that person. I had to learn not to take ownership of another persons issues and then get upset when their behavior doesn't align with my expectations. 

So my desire for sharing this is to inspire you to look around at the relationships you have in your life. Ask yourself - are you caring for those around you? Really? Have you told them that you care about them? Focus on you, on becoming the best you, you can become. These are challenging times in our world and I believe if more of us did this - maybe it would eradicate some of the stresses around the globe. 

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Becoming a Better You
Becoming a Better You

I believe that each of us bear a responsibility to do all we can to manage ourselves well. If we do we could very well make the world a better place - it all starts with you.

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