Are You Prepared?

“An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.”
-Dale Carnegie

It was a cold February morning at 0'dark 30 (Great Lakes, Illinois aka "Great Mistakes") as the trash can slammed against the floor and a loud voice yell "Reveille, Reveille, Reveille, up all bunks, let's go ladies!" That was the day my life changed for the better. United States Navy Bootcamp. There is nothing like military training to whip you into shape.

As a result of my military training, I've learned to plan and be prepared for just about anything. I was instructed to have plan A, B, and C; you never know if your plan will go as planned. I've seen a lot in my days here on earth and rarely will you catch me NOT prepared. I still rise early to get my day start and that begins with me making my bed. It gives me that immediate gratification that I've accomplished something for the day. Do you make your bed daily?

Beyond just making your bed, life is a game of preparation. Everyday is a new day and with it - something unexpected will happen - but should it be unexpected? While I can't tell you everything that will happen tomorrow, I can tell you I am prepared for every thing that will happen. Oh c'mon Paul you can't be prepared for everything. Of course I can, why not?

Will I be happen and excited about it? Prolly not, but I can anticipate just about what will happen. As I mention before, I work to have plan A, B, and C ready to deploy at a moments noticed. How do I plan?

I chop my life up into 6 key strategic areas:

  • Health (Physical and Mental)
  • Financial
  • Spiritual
  • Relational
  • Career/Education
  • Renewal

“Make a few key decisions and then manage them well.”
-John Maxwell

I have made key decisions about each area and then I work daily to manage and achieve success with them. I work really hard to not allow life to catch me off guard. A lot of the challenges we see in the world today is the result (IMHO) of poor planning and I don't mean that corporately I mean individually. Many in our society have poor health, live in poverty, have broken relationships with family and friends, lack skills to help them find gainful employment and they live stressed lives as a result. It doesn't have to be this way and it can change IF they will change.

"Action Cures Fears"
- David J. Schwartz, The Magic of Thinking Big

Change can be scary for some and quite challenging for others. Whenever, I feel the fear of change, I remind myself "I can handle it." When I drove a nuclear powered Submarine for the very first time, my trainer Ben told me, relax, you got this. When I went skydiving, that's all I repeated to myself time and time again. If this dude, is strapped to my back, he's not going to die, neither will I. Sometimes, having someone who has been through the challenge we are facing helps. This is why counseling is sooo important and shouldn't be discounted. Talk to someone about what you are going through because they can provide you some perspective.

Bottom line is this folks, I hope that this encourages you to look in the mirror and ask yourself to change your ways. Make every effort to be response-able (responsible) for yourself first. If you get that, then help someone in your family to be responsible. As your family get better, you can then reach out to the community around you. The world can be a better place if YOU will be better.

I might edit this blog post from time to time. If you enjoyed it - share it with your network and others in your circle of influence so we can continue to encourage others.

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Becoming a Better You
Becoming a Better You

I believe that each of us bear a responsibility to do all we can to manage ourselves well. If we do we could very well make the world a better place - it all starts with you.

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