"The Art of Loneliness"
view from Table Top Mountain... East Mojave, CA.

"The Art of Loneliness"

By BearWallace | Bear's beatitudes | 6 Jan 2020

Solemn contemplation pushes a
Single thought to the forefront
Engaging every fiber of my conscious mind
Naked stark and solitary in it's clarity
I long wait for love that has not arrived
Lifting high a wave of emotional unrest
Embedded in the beating of my mortal heart
Now thoughts transform to the physical
Overwhelmed to the point of overflow
Living words spill from my heart and soul
Fermenting spirits flow forth from seclusion
Outward calm masking inner turmoil
Transformed into the words that you now read
Racing from my soul to your eyes
As a tear glows in it's reflection
Escapes silently falling from my cheek
Helpless whispers cry your name and
Tumbling down as words to ease my pain


by Bear Wallace.


Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Author, Poet.

Bear's beatitudes
Bear's beatitudes

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