Blankos Blankenstein NFT drop on Friday, June 18th PDT

By bigb3ar | BearPlaysToEarn | 18 Jun 2021

**STAR-GAZED** - goes the big bear.

Update to previous post -> Blankos Block Party - NFT Giveaway at E3 2021

Mythical Games just announced today that tomorrow (Friday, June 18th PDT) will be a huge day full of streams with guests such as @deadmau5 and THEREAPER who owns the rarest Blanko: The Golden Ticket (only 1 in the world). IN ADDITION, Blankenstein blanko drop will be happening again! This is an opportunity not to be missed if you did not participate in the Blankos Block Party E3 Twitch Stream. Watch any of the Blankos streams tomorrow and you are entitled to claim ONE Blankenstein (1 per Twitch/Blanko account).

@deadmau5's Blanko will feature the iconic mouse head, and supposedly his pet cat Meowingtons will be the face of this character. @deadmau5 will be livestreaming his Professor Meowingtons Blanko design and accessory, live on his Twitch stream at 1PM PDT.

The Golden Ticket (TGT) Blanko was dropped on 03/15/19 to the lucky THEREAPER when Blankos Block Party was still in Pre-Alpha. THEREAPER has ever since kept TGT in the box until tomorrow where the unboxing will happen live at 12pm PDT on Blankos Twitch.

For more details on tomorrow's event, do check out the Blankos Blog post; and for instructions on how to claim your very own Blankenstein, do check out this previous Blankos Blog post. It will explain the steps better than I can try here, but if you need any help, please do drop a comment below, and I will do my best.

scratches the tree and away - goes the big bear.

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