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Blankos Block Party - NFT Giveaway at E3 2021

By bigb3ar | BearPlaysToEarn | 17 Jun 2021

**RAWRRRRR** - goes the big bear.

Blankos Block Party, by Mythical Games, made their presence known in this year's 2021 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) event. Among the many companies present, they are the only blockchain game making its appearance in the official E3 Twitch stream.

They also air-dropped their free exclusive Twitch NFT: Blankenstein. If you were one of the lucky 2,500s Twitch viewers who linked their Blanko and Twitch accounts during the E3 Twitch stream and watched it for at least 15 minutes, congratulations! Steps to claim this NFT can be followed by this Blankos blog post.

What is the value of Blankos NFTs (you're wondering)? According to this chart that @blockchaingmg did, you can see the liquidity, supply and demand of all the past and current Blanko NFTs as of now. Please note that this is not financial advice that I am giving here. In my opinion, there is a future for Blankos.

Pumped for Blankos NFTs but missed out? No fret! Blankos Block Party have been releasing a new Blanko NFT every 3-4 weeks that can be purchased in-game and/or their website store. I would highly recommend you to purchase in-game so that you can see that mint Blanko NFT on your virutal shelf in the virtual Blanko world. There is some discussion whether to keep it in the box as a collector, or to open it up and play as the Blanko character, but that is for a separate post. Let me know in the comments below if you want a discussion post on what to do next with your Blanko NFTs.

Blankos Block Party is free to play. Check it out here at https://blankos.com/ and get tuck into it! See you in The Junction, Blankos' own offbeat world!

scratches the tree and away - goes the big bear.

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