Best Research Tools in 2021 for Cryptocurrencies Selection


1) AllCoins Season Index (ACSI) :  0 to 100 scale.

 a) If ACSI < 25 = BTC season is at its best .

To best position your portfolio, under this circumstance, increase your holdings of BTC by swapping your All Coins for BTC.

b) If ACSI > 75 = ALL Coin season is at its best.

To best position your portfolio, under this circumstance,  increase your holdings of your All Coins.

If you are confident that your investment will grow in price in the future, then use Dollar Cost Average (DCA) to neutralize volatility by purchasing at pre-defined and regular intervals a set amount of the asset.

2) Crypto Quant : Data analytics tool to see the in-flow and out-flow of funds from crypto exchanges.

a) If BTC-All exchanges Net flow' chart shows in-flows very high, there is a high probability of a drop in the Market (people are selling)

b) If BTC-All miners Outflow,  Inter-Entity and All Miner to All exchanges flow' Charts shows miners sending big amounts of coin, then this is also indication of selling.

3) CoinmarketCal : Crypto market calendar to find all events and important updates about a particular crypto over a particular period of time.

4) Glassnode : Market indicator.

a) NUPL (Net Unrealized Profit or Loss) : Show how much of a crypto' circulating supply is at profit or loss at a given time.

If the market mostly presents unrealized profits at that given time, there is a good time to sell; If it shows loss, then it is time to buy.

b) Number of New and Active addresses : Value growth of total crypto market

5) CoinDance : Monitor of hash rates, transactions, network nodes and wider crypto environment and level of adoption in many countries.

6) BTC and Blockchain' search & volume on Google : High levels translate in growing figures.

7) 3Commas : Paper trading allows to test your crypto trading strategy for free.

8) CryptoPanic : Crypto news and events aggregator.

9) Messari : Real trending, analytics, prospects and customizable features to screen coins.

10) TradingView : Top charting and social networking platform


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