(TOAD) Community support for Exchange listing achieved!!!

By bbrujas | bbrujas | 21 Jun 2021

Hi All there, Publish0x...


I come from the comfy swamp at padswap to bring you the perfect example of community support and what the power of a supportive community can bring to a project.

A few weeks ago I came back to publish0x to talk about a project that was asking the community for support for next planned project, the listing in a mayor exchange, "Community support for project fund rising".

And Toaday?


Toaday we celebrate, as the fund rising has been finally achieved and the amount required for the task is ready.

toad fundrising done

Next step is the upgrade of the website, which is coming in the next few days bringing unified views and other improvements for managing your portfolio.

community support

Want to know more?


Head to toad.network or padswap.exchange for more details about the project.


Stay Funk, Stay Safe, Stay DeFi...


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