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(TOAD) Community support for project fund rising

By bbrujas | bbrujas | 7 Jun 2021

Hi Publish0x community...

Hope this post finds you All well.

Toaday I am bringing different talk into publish0x.

Toaday I am talking about only DeFi ecosystem which praises directly benefit someone.

Toaday I am talking about a solid project that has, once more time, amazed community with their breaking ideas.

Toaday, you had already noticed, I am talking about $TOAD, the cute DeFi governance token for the PadSwap Exchange ecosystem.

Toaday news cannot arrive at a better moment, with the market playing funny games, our croaky $TOADs stay comfy over lily Pad, warm and steady, while the cross-chain wars wave around the whole DeFi swamp.

lily pad

Toaday news are amazing, as the project has surpassed half the fundrising campaign announced to get it to the next stage and get listed into one of the top 30 Exchanges.

Toaday I am talking about a community that has already put up a sum up to 12k mostly among the fees collected in the earnings of the farms in the project.

TOAD fundrising

Thank you $TOADies, proud of seeing the initiatives and ideas scattered among the last few weeks to support and help the project grow!

So congrats $TOADies, toaday is day to celebrate, as we stay in a project with solid fundamentals that is building strong principles for the DeFi ecosystem.



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